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 GXP Updates
  • Overwatch League Stage 2 has started!
  • Mercy Nerfed
  • Fortnite New season has started

Stage 2 Week 2

author image by 0Mgreg | Esports FPS Online Overwatch PVP Shooters slider | 0 Comments | 07 Mar 2018

Hey Guys, with stage 2 week 3 Starting in just s few hours we wanted to catch you up on score and what was going on. So last week We saw mercy not being played as much as she was…

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Overwatch League: Week 1 Stage 2

author image by 0Mgreg | Esports FPS Online Overwatch PVP Shooters slider | 0 Comments | 26 Feb 2018

              This past week was the Premiere of Stage 2 of the Overwatch League and some big changes came to the field. Players have changed teams and maps have switched up , but probably…

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Season 3 is here! : Things just got easier if you’re colorblind and some cool new skins.

author image by 0Mgreg | blog Fortnite FPS Online PVP slider | 0 Comments | 22 Feb 2018

Quality of life fixes Huge Improvements to building Players can now build Structures just about anywhere even through trees, rocks, and cars. No more falling or dying cause you couldn’t  build there) Allowing players the freedom to build almost anywhere(no…

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Division Beta coming soon

author image by 0Mgreg | Beta FPS Live Stream PVE PVP slider | 0 Comments | 12 Jan 2016

Well according Ubisoft the beta for Division is to hit early 2016 and rumors have it that it might hit January 29th!!! 0mgreg will be streaming live So here is a video let’s get hype!!!

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Ori and the Blind Forest

author image by 0Mgreg | Adventure Live Stream slider | 0 Comments | 12 Jan 2016

If you didn’t catch it last night you guys missed some wins and fails as 0mgreg tried to traverse the Blind Forest with Ori last night. He found some pretty awesome Easter eggs like the Triforce from Legend of Zelda…

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