Countdown to SC2 Proleague: Afreeca Freecs

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Overshadowed by past accomplishments which led to early stardom, and under the newfound patronage of Afreeca TV, the Afreeca Freecs once again have an opportunity to prove us all wrong.

Countdown to SC2 Proleague: Afreeca Freecs

A team with perhaps one of the richest, deeply rooted histories in Starcraft II, the Afreeca Freecs have hosted and created some of the best talent to compete in the scene.

Formally known as SBENU, but originally formed under Startale, the team garnered early notoriety by hosting players such as Fruitdealer, July, and Rainbow. These early pioneers of Starcraft: Wings of Liberty helped set the precedence and foundation out of which the scene blossomed. Ace players such as Bomber and Squirtle grew to become not only some of the fiercest talent in Korea, but also fan favorites across the world. Under Startale, these players won several noteworthy championships in GSL, MLG, and WCS. Their fierce rivalry with Incredible Miracle led to multiple team league face-offs, culminating in the heartbreaking loss of Squirtle to Starcraft II legend MVP in season 2 of GSL 2012.

As a team that has managed to scrape through since the ESF days and assimilate into the modern KESPA era, Startale has proven its tenacity, but still holds onto any relevance largely in part to the achievements of its older players.

Comprising of mostly veteran players such as Bomber, Alive, Keen, Super, Curious, and Billowy, the legacies have indubitably been created, but much like the team name itself, these players have grown less reliable as time has passed. Players like Bomber, Alive, and Curious show sparks of revitalization and glory, but have largely left the community skeptical as to whether or not they can keep up with the rising talent in Legacy of the Void. Overshadowed by past accomplishments which led to early stardom, and under the newfound patronage of Afreeca TV, the Afreeca Freecs once again have an opportunity to prove us all wrong.

By: Zachary Dial


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