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So the speculated Doomfist has been revealed not to be the 24th character coming to Overwatch. Who will take the honor of being number 24 then we ask? Well blizzard released some pretty cool  news on a new character to give us some backstory.

This new character is Efi, an 11 year old genius who is a prodigy in robotic engineering. she is speculated not to run on the battlefield herself, as it would be unethical to have an 11 year old fighting along side the Overwatch team. She is speculated to send out robots or drones that she would command from a safe location. Also she is speculated to be a healer do to her saying “My dream is to build something that can keep us safe”.

Here is the Efi interview first hand and what we know so far.


There has been much speculation on this not being the next playable character, and the Efi interview was just to throw off us fans. Other rumored heroes are as followed Athena, Greek, Doomfist, Liao, and Soundquake.

Check out this video from Hammeh on youtube.

Who will be next? as of now we really don’t know. It seems like Blizzard wants to keep their fans on edge just a few more weeks, and we (here at GXP) are loving all the teasers they release. As always keep up the great work Bliz.

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