GXP Updates
  • Overwatch League Stage 2 has started!
  • Mercy Nerfed
  • Fortnite New season has started

Our game server is based out of Memphis Tennessee. It is also on it own dedicated IP with over 150mb on the line, unless a power outage (very rare). Many people see Comcast as being the best for the speeds, well even if the speeds are very incising and a steal in our region. This is the real difference for a gamer or more a game server, builder, or designer. Comcast and many of the other cable companies use old tech which allows a lot of down load speed, but the problem is upload speed. This is what most servers spend there time doing (uploading). Upload speeds are going up every year with the new technology introduced. We are currently getting 25 Mbps upload soon to be 1 Gbps upload just announced with Comcast business which we currently already have.

You can find our server by simply typing Gamexpro in the server browser under the internet category. We are a pvp server but no one has gotten to a raid status yet, so we are all getting along well. If this doesn’t make you want to play. we don’t know what will.

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