New Mystery Duel and 3v3 Elimination Map • ECOPOINT: ANTARCTICA

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New to the scene in the latest patch of the public test realm (PTR), comes Ecopoint: Antarctica. A map made for 1v1 mystery duels and 3v3 eliminations. 1v1 mystery duel is a new game mode to the arcade in game menu, where 2 players face off head to head in a best of 5. Each round is started with a new hero, and player can win a round by simply killing his or her opponent.

The new 3v3 eliminations is held in the same map (Ecopoint: Antarctica) and is seen as more of a battlegrounds. two teams of three enter the battleground able to choose there heroes. Each round every contestant has one life, and first team to three wins is declared the winner.ECOPOINT ANTARCTICA1v1

The map feels large, but small enough that a 1v1 is still very enjoyable. There are chokes, high grounds, tunnels, and everything else you could need to set up the ultimate plays and tricks. when it comes to 3v3 the map still feels large where you can hide as a team if you take opposite routes as your opponents. We truly hope everyone gets to experience the new arcade system.

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