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  • Mercy Nerfed
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Hey Guys, with stage 2 week 3 Starting in just s few hours we wanted to catch you up on score and what was going on. So last week We saw mercy not being played as much as she was in stage one with the nerf. While this is still true there are some teams that are still holding on.  One of those teams is Dallas fuel, but it seems like the other teams have figured them out or matched them as they went from a 2-0 to 2-2 this week. Probably the most intense game this week in Overwatch League was on the second day between Houston Outlaws and the Philadelphia Fusion. The only game that went to 5 maps with Philly winning in the end however they couldn’t keep that momentum against the London Spitfire who Houston beat last week. So far a Seoul Dynasty has come through as the team to beat  going in to the third week with a 4-0 victories, with Shanghai Dragons and Florida Mayhem have still yet to taste victory. For more details check out Overwatch League

Seoul Dynasty                    4-0

New York Excelsior          3-1

London Spitfire                 3-1

Los Angeles Valiant          3-1

Philadelphia Fusion         3-1

Houston Outlaws              2-2

Los Angeles Gladiators    2-2

Dallas Fuel                         2-2

Boston Uprising                1-3

San Francisco Shock        1-3

Florida Mayhem              0-4

Shanghai Dragons           0-4


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