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Server Rules

Server Staff & Rules Disclaimer

All GameXPro official rules apply on our FiveM server. Additionally, GameXPro Staff and Admins reserve the right to make the final call on any and all situations, disputes and reports. Their decision is final and should not be taken any further in the FiveM Server. If you or someone else has additional concerns or comments, they should be brought to our forums by means of a support ticket on the website or at the #support section of the Discord.

Serious Roleplay Disclaimer

GameXPro FiveM Server and the following rules lay out the expectations of a Serious Roleplay environment. While it is simple to roleplay a hardened criminal, all players should utilize words over bullets for higher quality roleplay in any and all situations. Not every interaction should start with, or end with violence.
As a player, you are expected to create your characters as if they have real life values and fears. Constantly creating scenarios where shots are fired/exchanged, disregarding law enforcement, or putting very little effort into your characters development is heavily frowned upon.
Additionally, this is expected for anyone in a Whitelisted job as well. All parties, including those in the whitelisted jobs, are expected to adhere and present a thought out professional front. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

    1. Roleplaying Terms & Description

1.1 FailRP

Short for “Fail Roleplay” or “Failure to Roleplay”
FailRP is defined as not properly roleplaying a scenario (such as but not limited to: crashing your vehicle and continuing on with your day, or falling from a high road/building and acting like you’re perfectly fine)

1.2 Metagaming

Metagaming is defined as utilizing Out-Of-Character knowledge for personal In-Character benefit or gain. This includes any knowledge gained from external programs such as Discord, TeamSpeak, or the Forums. For Example:
Using any knowledge that you learned from watching streams and reading chats to directly influence a role play scenario.

1.3 Powergaming

Powergaming is defined as forcing players into narrow scenarios by giving them no means to respond, and roleplaying out things which are physically impossible. Examples of this may be, but are not limited to — Controlling aspects of the server not allowing others to roleplay in certain locations, forcing players who you are robbing to give up and transfer some, or all their bank funds, closing all doors of roleplay by forcing your personal agenda in the scenario. Examples of Powergaming:
Roleplaying unrealistic powers (i.e superpowers)
Using twitter/phone while in cuffs or in prison.

1.4 New Life Rule (NLR)

New Life Rule is defined as you forcing your respawn (Pressing ‘E’ to respawn, or waiting out the timer and being automatically respawned)
You must forget everything that has led up to, and including your injury, and you must play it out as if you had memory loss and forgot what happened. For Example:
Relating any information between characters that wouldn’t be commonly known.
Players are not permitted to use NLR or to Respawn during an active scene to escape custody, or escape scenarios where Police or EMS are involved. Doing so follows Combat Logging / Jail Evading depending on the circumstance. Players will be treated on scene and/or transported to either the hospital or the jail where they will face the appropriate punishment if need be.

1.5 Permadeath

GameXPro FiveM has NO perma-death during active police scenarios. If you wish to “perma” your character, you will be able to do so after the scene has ended and you have served your punishment (jail time or hospital time)
Additionally, no player will ever be forced to kill off their character by any other character unless otherwise agreed upon for roleplay purposes.

    2. In Game / In Character Expectations

2.1 No “Low Effort” Roleplay

Low Effort Roleplay is defined as putting little to no effort whatsoever into a roleplay scenario which you are some way involved in.
When participating in any roleplay scenario on our server, the situations you involve yourself in should have depth as well as character advancement in their story. At no point should you put little or no effort into your scenarios or responses as this will take away the experience from others. For Example:
Fleeing from Law Enforcement without a proper reason
Participating in Cop vs. Robber role play scenarios (See “Understanding Cop Baiting”)
Recklessly driving through the city at unrealistic speeds following no traffic laws (e.g 100+ MPH in the city to “store your vehicle”)
Playing off medical emergencies as a “Stubbed toe”
Having a “fake hostage” during a robbery scene
Players on our server should be about developing the best environment of roleplay possible for everyone to enjoy. (see “Serious Roleplay Disclaimer”)
Additionally, players should not rely on ‘Twitter’ (/twt) as the primary means of in-character communication as this requires very little effort. Those players utilizing ‘Twitter’ excessively or releasing information not known to the general public over ‘Twitter’ may be subject to disciplinary action.

2.2 Character Creations

While it is super easy to create a hardened criminal character, your character should end up having long term growth within the server. The character you make should not become a member of the city and be a million dollar crime lord off the get-go. All characters should grow into their role over an extended period of time. When creating a character, think of family history and creating a backstory to help further develop roleplay within the server. Initially your character should start off with very little to no resources or knowledge of the city. Additionally, all players should find a balance between legal and illegal activities while building their character’s story.

2.3 Disrespectful Roleplay Scenarios Not Permitted

In accordance with the GameXPro Code of Conduct, in-character scenarios of rape, torture, racism, terrorism and suicide (or anything close to the nature of such) are never permitted under ANY circumstances.

2.4 Remain In Character – At All Times

Players MUST remain in-character at all times while in the server. This includes voice chat, /twt, /me, /news etc.. The only out-of-character resources players should use are /loc, /ooc and /report.
Saying things along the lines of “My screen” or “It’s lag” is considered failing to stay in character.

2.5 Robbing / Kidnapping of Emergency Services

These individuals are responsible for not only your roleplay, but the roleplay of an entire server full of other players. By robbing or kidnapping these individuals you selfishly hold up all other emergency services personnel taking away the roleplay experience and potential from others. For this reason, any robbing or kidnapping of emergency services personnel are NOT permitted. The only exception for this, is if GTA Leadership approves it and it is to expand your characters story.

2.6 Robbing / Kidnapping of the General Public

For the general public, string robbing players or camping at locations to rob numerous players is not allowed. You must wait a minimum of 1 hour before robbing/kidnapping another player/group. Refer to the “Value of Life” rule for more information on conduct when robbing or being robbed
Furthermore, when robbing the general public, if the civilians comply and value life, the civilian is not allowed to be killed.

2.7 Random Deathmatch / Vehicle Deathmatch

Commonly referred to as RDM or VDM. Players are expected to engage in proper roleplay before shooting, killing, or using a vehicle as a weapon (up to and including ramming another player’s vehicle with intention). Any injury or death without proper roleplay leading up to it will be classified as RDM or VDM respectfully. These offenses are punishable.

2.8 Operate Vehicles Responsibly

Vehicles should be operated responsibly and realistically. Vehicles should never be ramped off bridges or high inclines and be expected to continue onward. These vehicles must be considered as immobile and players are expected to roleplay it as such. Additionally, vehicles which realistically can’t operate on major inclines or terrains shouldn’t. Finally, no vehicles should be operated inside of a building as this is unrealistic, the only exception to this rule are buildings which require/allow vehicles being inside (e.g mechanic shops) – However, pedal bikes are excluded from this rule

2.9 Black Market Dealership Vehicles

These vehicles are NOT allowed to have the following mods installed
Weapons/Armor that can result in players dying (spikes, chainsaws, etc..)
Speed/Jump Boosts
Vehicles found with these modifications will result in the vehicle being removed from your garage with no refunds issued and/or possible disciplinary actions being taken

2.10 Value of Life

All characters must operate with some level of fear for their lives. While characters will never truly die, they must operate as if their character is subject to severe injury or possible loss of life during all scenarios. Characters who are held at gunpoint must take into consideration the possible repercussions for their next move as it could possibly cause injury or loss of life. Characters are expected to comply with reasonable demands. However, if an opportunity presents itself where the subject is no longer in immediate danger, they may fight back (e.g No longer have a gun pointed at them) This applies to both Civilians & Law Enforcement. (Also provided they have not restrained you or confiscated your weapons. Either by /me or actually taking it off you)
During robberies or hostage situations, there will be a “gentlemen’s agreement” where the players robbing may not kill the player who has valued their life as a “legit” hostage or otherwise has been cooperative. Additionally, there shall not be immediate retaliation following a robbery from the hostage or the player who valued their life.
This rule may not be abused to continuously get out of an Emergency Service scenario (e.g Holding up an Emergency Services member to avoid being transported or held)

2.11 Rejoining Roleplay / Reinjecting

Once you have cleared the scene (e.g Driving away from or leaving the immediate area) you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario. Players who re-inject themselves into an active roleplay scene may be told to leave the area. If a player rejoins and subsequently downs or kills another player, they will be subject to a RDM/VDM infraction, depending on how the action was committed. If you choose to flee the scene or leave, you are expected to either go about your day, or remain at large if you are wanted by the police.

2.12 Understanding Cop Baiting

This is defined as purposely and willingly committing a crime with the intent to engage the police. This may be presented as purposely speeding past cops, disregarding traffic signals, or committing simple crimes in the presence of a Law Enforcement Officer. For Example:
Speeding past a cop multiple times to get their attention
Sending false calls to Police to make yourself a target (This can be waived provided the role play you are providing is engaging for all parties involved and advances your story, as well as others)
Forcing yourself into roleplay scenarios where the police are involved to incite a reaction from them to either get chased, or in cuffs

2.13 Combat Log / Purposeful Disconnect

When engaged in an active roleplay scene, players shall not disconnect from the server until the scenario has completely ended. Characters involved in criminal activity must be completely clear of any Emergency Service interaction before disconnecting. Accidental disconnects or crashes should be communicated via Discord or TeamSpeak so other players who are involved are aware of the situation

2.14 External Communications

When engaged in an active roleplay scenario and using external communication such as Discord, TeamSpeak etc.. It is expected that you also communicate in-game as if you were on the phone or radio
Additionally, because there are items in the shop such as the Phone, players are expected to have these items on them if they are communicating with other players who are not within the voice chat range.

A microphone is required to Play. If for any reason, while playing, your microphone breaks please as for an admin member either on the server or Discord and let them know your situation. You may be allowed to carry on.

2.15 Repeat Offenders (Criminals)

Criminals who are repeat offenders may be subject to increased punishment (within roleplay) that includes seizure of various items at the discretion of the State Judge

2.16 Visual mods

We do allow visual mods as long as they don’t give you an unfair advantage. (This does not include map mods that add street names)

2.17 Impersonation of Emergency Services

Impersonation of Police/EMS/Mechanics/Military/Public Works is forbidden. You may not use their character models.

2.18 Death Avoidance

Passing money, weapons or any other items as you are about to die to save them is not permitted as it avoids the death system.

2.19 Theft of Emergency Vehicles

Stealing Police, EMS, Mechanic and Military vehicles is not allowed. Theft of Police, EMS and Mechanic vehicles can be stolen if RP’d out correctly.

2.20 Whitelisting Abuse

Being whitelisted is a privilege that should not be abused. To prevent abuse such as, but not limited to handing out police firearms, reviving friends while an off-duty medic or repairing cars while off duty as a mechanic.

2.21 Mechanics

When the Mechanic is out on a call. Dont constantly bother and keep contacting them. We only have one Depot so transport is not on time.

2.22 Solo Mechanic

When Theres one Mechanic active we ask not to Crash into, attack, or Kidnap them.

2.23 Improper Mechanic Kidnap

The Mechanics cannot be Killed or kidnapped without cause. You Cannot Drive by shoot them. They can run someone over if their life is completly threatned, and extinguished all other options.

    3. Zoning Rules

3.1 Police Stations

Entering the detention area, roof, offices and locker and the back of any Police Station is strictly prohibited to police and invited guests. Violent acts can take place here as long as you meet these requirements. Lawyers are a whitelisted job and will be invited down as such.

3.2 Loitering around Emergency Buildings

Loitering around Police Stations, Hospitals, and Mechanic shops without valid roleplay stories may result in a kick.

3.3 Fort Zancudo

Entering the military base is prohibited. This will be considered FailRP as you would not realistically be able to enter.

3.4 Garages

The garages are considered safe zones – vehicles cannot be stolen and people cannot be harmed while they’re there. No Illegal activity, Drifting, doing doughnuts or wheelies is also not acceptable.

    4. Property Rules

4.1 Houses

Houses are sold at a privilege and if Police get a warrant they can raid your house.

4.2 Illegal House Activites

While illegal activities can take place within a home, police will be able to take the house and seize it permanently. (You can re-buy at a later date.)

4.3 Business Activites

If you own a business, you are subject to the rules given to you about your business and risk losing it if they are not followed.

  • General Code Of Conduct

  1. No disrespect tolerated. This includes excessive swearing and the use of any racist, sexist or homophobic term.

  2. All names and character references must be PG-13 rated.

  3. No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits or hacks of any kind.

  4. No server disruption, including: griefing, mic/chat spamming, trolling or intentionally interfering with teammates.

  5. No recruiting for other servers or communities.

  6. No names, chat or character references that advocate or oppose a political stance, terrorism or religion.

  7. No impersonating admins.

  8. No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server.

  9. Admins have final say in server.

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