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  • Overwatch League Stage 2 has started!
  • Mercy Nerfed
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Developed by blizzard.

Each role plays a huge part of the story behind Overwatch, click here to view each of the Heroes you’ll be able to choose from in the second beta release.

Learn about the Omnic Crisis and how a team of …very “unique” individuals combined their talents in defending what they feel is just.

The second phase of Overwatch Beta is releasing FEBRUARY 9th!!!!! Our team is pumped to play it, here’s what they have to say.

When the beta release date arrives, we’ll be updating the website with maps of the game. as well as important locations and information. Stay tuned!

Overwatch Beta Phase Two

Many people have been waiting for a game like this from Blizzard and our team especially is excited to explore the abilities of each player. Having been participants in the first beta phase of the game, our players are ready to see the the new maps/game mode, progression system they put in place, and all of the other “private updates” that Blizzard has added.

Request to Join the Closed Beta

Only a few days are left to request to be entered into the newest phase of the Overwatch closed beta. Last time, all players were informed as of the release date of the game and no other entries were accepted. We’re not sure if this still stands true or not. Click here to enter https://goo.gl/2xri9F a request to join this beta phase.




Genji, Soldier: 76, McCree, Tracer, Reaper, Pharrah,

Bastion, Mei, Junkrat, Widowmaker, Torbjörn, Hanzo,

D.Va, Roadhog, Zarya,Winston, Reinhardt,

Lúcio, Symmetra, Mercy, Zenyatta,

Overwatch is…

  • An incredible story about an artificial intelligence causing an uprising of robots on a global level, and the characters that have the talent, strength, and skills (with just a tiny bit of crazy in each) to defend the people and places they love, or for what they feel is just.
  • A first-person shooter game with squad-based combat, 6v6. Each player chooses a Hero (offense/defense/tank/healers), and can change the character they decide to play with in between in-game deaths.
  • Being released on more available platforms – PC and current consoles.
  • All additional content is available to existing players for free, and you won’t have to purchase the game again.

What is the official website?


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We’re always looking for talented gamers and streamers to talk with and discuss potentially joining our team. If you or someone you know may  be interested, contact us!

Methodical mania, these crazy characters have great strategies and abilities to prevent harm from things they care about, and GXP is beyond excited to explore the maps, backstory, and characters of the new game from Blizzard.

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