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Black Desert Online

Developed by Pearl Abyss.

With an extremely extensive character design system, the possibilities seem endless with their huge array of options for customization.

We’ve gathered as much information as possible about horse skills, specs, locations, and more to help players answer frequently asked questions.

Simple, straightforward strategies to help players level up as quickly as they can, or for help when players are stuck on a specific level.

Navigational tips, regional specifics, more. View the dynamic world map and find exact locations for quests or grinding.



Oh, the Possibilities!

This game is intense, to say the least. Black Desert Online is one of the most active worlds that we’ve experienced as a team. Constant action is all around, and each detail of the world is significant, making it all that more involved. The depth of the story behind the game is incredible, too. We’re so excited about the character creation for this game as well, the options are endless and you can customize almost every aspect of your character.

GXP and Black Desert

Our team has been a part of the Black Desert Online experience since they released the CB1 version. We’re not exaggerating when we say our team loves this game. The level of involvement and detail is challenging and addicting. You’re not just waiting around to figure out the next step in the game, but you’re constantly playing a major role in the world and interacting with all aspects of life in the game.


Class Gender Race Description
Blader Male Human Melee – AOE/Dual Wielder
Ranger Female Elf Range – High DPS/Single Target
Sorcerer Female Human Magic – AOE/Dark Magic
Kunoichi Female Human Melee – Combo/Aerial High DPS
Giant Male Giant Melee – Tank/Dual Wielder
Tamer Female Human Melee – Summoner/Ambush
Valkyrie Female Human Melee – Tank/Close Combat
Warrior Male Human Melee – Tank/Mobile/High DPS
Wizard Male Human Magic – AOE/Various Spells
Witch Female Human Magic – AOE/Various Spells
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Want to get into the game?

We’re always looking to meet new people and check out talented individuals. If you’re interested in working with us, fill out a contact sheet and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Don’t be shy!

Get lost in Black Desert Online. The endless possibilities of this game continue to impress us over and over, the scenery, the lifestyles, the details, and the huge world truly come together to make you feel a part of something incredible.

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