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Become a true hometown hero by wearing the badge of honor with a next level amount of courage. But, as with anything that involves true power, you’ll need to keep an eye out. One bad encounter with the wrong individual can change (or end) your life.

Save lives on far too little sleep and dangerous levels of caffeine – become an EMT! Find people in weird places, take things out of other things, encounter some of natures finest individuals who desperately need your help in this game.

An overall blue-collar job, you’ll be doing a lot more work than you’ll be paid for (legally) and you’ll even oversee the impound lot. Best known for vehicle mods (under the table), you’re pretty familiar with your skill set and you’re constantly getting referrals.


From felons to legal documents, criminals working to escape their past to divorcees who want a new life but can’t afford to pay for their old one – you’ll handle the legal side of some of the worst that the city has to offer.

Crime doesn’t discriminate. Can you protect your client from the threats and the people they’ve accused? Do your best to offer serious justice to those deserving…no matter how much money it takes.


You’ll be selling boats and other marine equipment and supplies. Jet skis? Getaway vehicles? You’d rather probably rather not know, what’s the difference anyway? Cash is cash. But keep your business name clean, or your whole career could sink!

Bring in the money with as much high-quality seafood as possible. You’ll meet some interesting fishmongers and market men and you’ll be able to indulge in delicacies regularly. Want extra money? Do some dirty work. But don’t get caught. USCG isn’t someone to mess with.

People love a guy with access to a woodchipper. Harvest trees for ultimate processing and make a ton of money in a niche industry – meet some extremely wealthy, and possibly questionable clients that will ask you to fulfill many differently tasks.

Risk your life on the daily for average money while collecting rocks in some sketchy places. However, harvest the right rocks and when you’re refining, you’ll see you’re in for a real treat when it comes time to put them on the market. From hippie-crystal-gurus to the guy looking to buy a “100% unique piece” for his partner, you’ll make serious cash when you meet the right people. 

Some people need to sell their house, like, yesterday. Others are a nightmare to work with and staging a house takes hours of time and extra money. Pleasing clients is a rough, tough job. Can you handle the pressure of their extremely high (and questionable) demands?

Reporting the news in every city is important and necessary to keep citizens informed. But when you’re in control of the media or the microphone, do you follow the rules? Or do you choose to speak truths that should be left unspoken, leaving you clutching your keys a little tighter when you head to your car that night? Watch what you deliver publicly – if you’re not careful, your name could be on the news next.

Who doesn’t love their local, blood-stained-apron-wearing butcher? Always serving up quality pieces of meat, finely curated with years of practice. Been runnin’ the place for years, never had a complaint. The catch? All the serious cutting happens in the back every night after the shop closes.

Being the best supplier of high-quality suits in the area, you’ll meet every man in the area interested in looking their best for the most special of occasions. Don’t be surprised if you get caught up in making “alterations” for your clients at all hours, day or night.

Taxi drivers are known for weird smells and foreign accents, but have you ever met the people they drive around? You’ll be dealing with some real characters, potentially unwanted guests, and overhearing some rough talk you probably shouldn’t have. Hopefully keeping your mouth closed will help you keep the tip jar full.

Truckers haul anything and everything you can think of – if you got paid enough, how far would you go? What would you haul to make the most on your next paycheck? Keep the truck in good condition and avoid tickets to get paid. Pass your inspections, avoid tickets, deal with your cargo – if you can pull it off, you’ll may really hit the jackpot. But there are plenty of hoops to jump through to make it happen.

Overseeing the entire winemaking process, you’ll know everything that goes into your precious grape juice including the soil that the vineyard grows on. You’ll have extra land – you better use it wisely. With a vineyard disguise, your property could be a great pickup destination for other types of high-demand products.

Knowing the city like the back of your hand has its benefits. You know where you can dig, what you can build, and who runs the place. But what happens when you get mixed up with a rough crowd? Do you let them in on the secrets of the sewers below the city for a cut or do you mind your own business and make an honest living?


Become a member of a truly bonded brotherhood and feel the wind in your hair every chance you get when you hop on your chunk of metal and decide this is the life you want.

A family that will never leave you, no matter what, ever. You couldn’t be disowned if you tried, and if you piss off enough people you won’t live long enough to talk about it anyway. Get the job taken care of…or its your body on the line.

Cars are all over the city market on your map with a red car icon – keep an eye out for cops. though. They’re looking for troublemakers in the area. Quick tip : most of the time, the car will be reported as stolen almost the moment you set foot in it, so keep your head on a swivel.


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